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Make Your Business & Shop Stand Out on Your Community,  Display Your  Products FREE on Your Community Online is The only simplified community website covering all the communities  in Nigeria  

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Benefits and Features of Your FREE Banners-Text Display Adverts on

  1. Your advert Links to Your Business Full Web Page Adverts: Your banner/picture/image display adverts will be linked to your full interactive web page adverts containing more detailed information of your business, products and services.
  2. Your banner Advert Displays on the Town/City/Community/Area Platform: Your banner adverts will be displayed on the Town/City/Community/Area platform  where your business is based so that it's easier for people to find your products and services. You can also display your adverts in multiple towns.
  3. Your advert is Integrated with Social Media Apps:  Web page platform of your banner adverts will be integrated with social media such as facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Linkedlh and google plus. With this you can easily share free  information about your business, products and services with people on social media
  4. Your advert webpage has Unique Web Address: Your advert web page has unique web address that you can use in any other form of adverts to refer customers to your business, products/services
  5. We Submit Your advert URL to Search Engines: Your unique advert webpage address will be submitted to search engines such as google search engine for search engine optimization-SEO. People can easily find your business on google search engine when they are searching and finding  info related to your business, products and services.
  6. Your advert is Integrated with Discussion Apps: Your adverts webpage is integrated with discussion apps for interaction with your new and old customers. Customers can ask question and you can reply.
  7. Upload Additional Pictures: You can also add more pictures, images to your advert webpage.
  8. Evidence of Traffic to Your Adverts Webpage: You can also see the number of people that have visited your advert webpage
  9. Additional Display Products Banner Adverts: You can also display banner adverts of your products separately in one town or in multiple towns.
  10. Send SMS Text of Your Adverts Web Address: You can send SMS Text of your adverts web address to people to visit your adverts webpages
  11.  Display your Banner Adverts on First Page : 50 banners  adverts with text will be displayed per webpage within a community platform. And after placing your N2,500 adverts for 12 months, you can bid to display your adverts on first page. You can make your banner advert to be in the first webpage for one month, two months or more. The highest bidder in a community will be in first position.
  12. Bonus: You get a FREE Ebook : How to Get Your Employees and Customers to Market for You FREE.

Click here to see samples of the banner adverts

How To Insert Your  Business Adverts


Simple Steps To How to insert Your Business banner and text  ads and create advert webpage where your business is based

1.Register FREE Click Here @ or click your town below to register

2.Choose the town/community  where your business is based from the list of towns on your below.

simply post information about your business where it's based and your business will be advertised automatically in that town.

3. Within the town platform where your business is based or where you want to place your ads, Click New Topic

4. Insert one  word from your business name in the Subject and insert the full name and your business category  in the Description

5. In the space provided similar to Microsoft word space, insert detail information about your business,  address, telephone, email, opening days, opening and closing hours, products  and services etc. Format it

6. Click Attachments and other Options and Upload pictures by browse the picture from your computer and click post.

7.  Let the first picture size not more than 200 by 200 .  The first picture will be used as  your business banner. You can upload up to 4 pictures/images

...This could be your best ever investment



Your business banner plus text adverts and full detailed advert webpage for duration of  12 months for N2,500  only. You can place different adverts of your products into multiple towns. Each Town is N2,500 only per town for 12 months for payment before 1st October launching


NB: Do you need support to insert your advert on the platform where your business  is based   ( to format your advert page, increase the font size, insert  marques etc send information     about where your business is located ( its URL ) to: [email protected], ( N1,000 after service)

Call Wale 08033181698, 08120322436, 08099874074

Launching on 1st October 2014


Payment for Your Adverts



After placing your advert, make payment into any of these banks within 14 working days



First bank A/c No: 2017361503

GTB A/C No:0118082100

SkyBank A/c No:

Access bank A/C No:0032137637

EcoBank A/C No:

Account Name: Adeleke Isaac Adewale

Use your username and town name on payment by

You can also pay $15 into my paypal account. More modes of payment coming.


Your adverts will be deleted without payment after 14 days.

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